Varso Place Varso 1 and 2 are completed ✅ (Video) – Varso Tower last floors in construction

In the next months, VARSO TOWER will be the N°1 skyscraper in the EU 🇪🇺 💪 with 310 m. Now, the last floors are in construction and at the end of the year/beginning of 2021, the spire will be set on the skyscraper. The Varso Tower is expected to open in 2022. Located next to the central station (Aleja Jana Pawła II), Varso tower will be dedicated to business offices but will also be open for the public with commercial spaces, restaurants and will be a tourist attraction with terraces and panorama spaces. To make it simple it will be a city in the city! The Varso Tower is a huge complex with 3 skyscrapers: The highest 230 m (310 with the spire) and a 90 and 81 m towers Varso 1 and 2. By HB Reavis Poland Total surface: 140000 m2 Total office surface: 63800 m2 Total commercial surface: 4200 m2 Budget: 500 million euros

Varso 1 and 2 the two lowest buildings are now ready and one of the first facilities opened 2 weeks ago. The CIC “Cambridge Innovation Center”, located in VARSO 2, the lowest building of the complex, the startup Campus (14 000 m2) is focused on attracting talents in the new technologies. The center will help young but also developing Polish companies to develop their market and optimize their potential and competence. Companies that want to be at the Cambridge Innovation Center can apply to rent a space for their business there. VARSO 1 is also the place of the NYX Hotel, a modern Instagrammable neo-modern concept hotel (330 rooms – 20 000 m2), and the BGK Bank. More here

Varso Tower timeline… 2020 – 2021 – 2022

Now ready VARSO 1 (81 m) will be the first to open, with a two-level fitness club (Zdrofit) and a clinic. A four-star NYZ 330 rooms hotel will open in May and VARSO 2 (90 m) will open in MAY including the Cambridge Innovation Center and BGK bank.

A passage along the first floors of all VARSO buildings will be gradually opened throughout the year. Called the VARSO GALLERY you will find restaurants, bars and many services including Nutrimind Group, Menya Musashi, Karmello, Salad Story, Vincent, Wrap Me, table and Ox and Quattro Formaggi but also a beauty salon Nail Spa, travel agency Sun Way Travel and currency.

AUTUMN 2020 – The last floor of the Varso Tower will reach a height of 230 m. (more than the Palace of Culture and Science spire).

END 2020/BEGINNING 2021 – The spire will be installed, the Varso Tower will reach the final height of 310 m. 🔝

END 2021 – End of the construction

2022 – The first companies will start to work in the VARSO TOWER, a SKYTOP RESTAURANT & BAR will start to serve on the top floors (the highest restaurant and bar of the city) and the first people will start to observe Warsaw from the observation deck at 230 m at the VISTA TERRACE.

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