The government announced less COVID-19 restrictions from July 21st. Social distance – cinemas – swimming pools – stadiums…

From Tuesday, July 21st, several restrictions will be left or reduced, one of the first one will be the social distance reduction from 2m to 1,5m. In swimming pools all ban will be left, in stadiums the number of seats will be raised by 50% and in cinemas, theaters, concert hall the obligation to alternate seats will be left. From July 21st it will be possible to enjoy concerts with a limit of 50% of capacity, you will have to respect a distance of 1,5m and for sure wear a mask.

Fairs and congresses will be authorized because the number of people can be fully controlled, and each participant can be registered by name and surname and the number of people per m2 will be reduced to 2,5m2 per person.

Certain provisions that will take effect on August 4, 2020, more info soon…

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