Scena Relax official opening – August 1st!

On August 1st, one year ago after the beginning of the project, KINO RELAX now Scena Relax “Relax Stage” will be inaugurated. Theater, concerts & meetings, with a capacity of 600 people, the place will become a new entertainment place in Warsaw. Concerts are already scheduled! This Wednesday afternoon, Scena Relax opened the hall for the first time since 2006.

The tenants are renovating the place and Jakub Wacławek, son of the designer of the RELAX Cinema, Zbigniew Wacławek is working on the project.

The building was built in 1965-70 it was the only fully implemented modern urban design building in the center of Warsaw. Relax was the most modern and most popular cinema in the last decades of the “Polish People’s Republic”. With super panorama (It was the first cinema in Warsaw adapted to the screening of films recorded on a 70 mm filmstrip) & a wide screen of 19 m, 650 people enjoyed movies in good condition with air-conditioned.

Stereo Sound appeared in 1979 for the Polish premiere of George Lucas’ “Star Wars”. In the years 1997-98, the cinema underwent modernization, received Dolby Digital Surround EX sound system & the largest pearl screen in the capital. “Matrix” and the “Pianist” were premiered here. Despite this, Relax lost the competition with multiplexes. In 2006, his owner, Max-Film, sold it to the Alma delicatessen network & then closed the cinema that intended to demolish the building to build a 185-meter skyscraper. But after the bankruptcy of Alma, the facility was bought by Relax Centrum to build a 10-story apartment with a spectacle-theater hall on the first floor but this project has also not been implemented. On 22 May 2019, the building was entered into the register of monuments until a new company leased the place in order to start a second life for Kino Relax.

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