2 billion zl contract – Warszawa Zachodnia will be modernized and a metro station built under the train station

Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West Station) will be rebuilt by Budimex for 2 billion zl. The works will start in the next weeks, it is one of the biggest investments ever made in the capital. The station, one of busiest in the capital with more than 1000 trains every day, will host new high-speed lines under a modern large roof and platforms but also a modern underground space with tram stops, ticket offices, waiting rooms, bars, and cafés.

The new high-speed rail lines will allow in the decade to shorten the journey to Wrocław by 1h40 (3h40 now, it will allow reaching Wrocław in only 2h), the new line will be part of the Centralny Port Komunikacyjne (Central Communication Port) with the construction of many infrastructures in Poland, the new International Airport (Solidarity Airport) and many tunnels.

Warszawa Zachodnia railway station will be ready in 2023.

Visual by the investor designed by DWAA Architekci

All visual – CLICK HERE


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