CIC – Cambridge Innovation Center opens today in Varso Place. Startups, investments, collaboration, innovation, development, optimization…

Today opens the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Varso Place. Located in VARSO 1, the lowest building of the complex, the startup Campus (14 000 m2) will be focused on attracting talents in the new technologies.

CIC is a space to work together to encourage the exchange of ideas and create a synergy between entrepreneurs. The campus will offer spaces to work, space for 3D prototyping, business club, and areas specially designed for social innovation. The CIC builds in ecosystem connecting companies in various stages of development, startups, scale-ups & also giants like L’Oréal, Microsoft, EY, IBM… Cambridge Innovation Center gathers over 2,000 entities representing both commercial and non-profit activities in many industries.

The CIC will be divided into 5 platforms

District Hall will be an innovation platform designed with the idea that everybody can be an innovator (open to everyone), designed as a place where people will work exchange knowledge and create interactions with community space and public event’s forum.

Trend House will be an ecosystem clubhouse designed for innovation community leaders. The goal is to connect industry leaders, academic powerhouses, and high-potential corporate and startup employees to catalyze collaboration and innovation.

Specialized Industry Hubs aligned with mega trends of the global economy will gather highly specialized innovators and enable peer-to-peer collaboration. Focused industry spaces will result in impactful communities to drive growth and connect Poland to the global innovation network.

Global Soft Landing Programs, innovation globalization programs building bridges between cities, regions, or countries.

Investors Hub, a comprehensive platform opening up access to venture capital.

Warsaw will be the 8th city in the world to have a CIC, Tokyo will be the next one, this summer, and within the 10 next years, they plan to support almost 50 cities.

The center will help young but also developing Polish companies to develop their market and optimize their potential and competence. Companies that want to be at the Cambridge Innovation Center can apply to rent a space for their business there.

DZISIAJ WIELKI DZIEŃ! Po 5 latach wdrażania projektu, z dumą ogłaszamy, że CIC Warsaw jest OTWARTE! 🔥 Wierzymy, że jest…

Posted by CIC Warsaw on Monday, 29 June 2020

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