Stunning concept of library in Warsaw – Mokotów.

This concept by the Dutch design studio Just Open Architecture won the “LIGBEN” competition for a future library that could be constructed in Warsaw’s district of Mokotów. This true skyscraper’s of books would look like a tower of books.

Looking like a pile of books, the library would have 13 floors and with a pyramid of glass similar to the Pyramid of the Louvre in Paris, you will have a direct view to the books inside.

If the concept turns in project, this place could become a highly instagrammable place and a touristic attraction without any doubt.

This new library could be built next to the Mokotów “Ogródki działkowe” and “Park Arkadia”, surrounded by the Ul. Jana III Sobieskiego, Ul. Ludwika Idzikowskiego, the E30 and Ul. Ludwiga van Beethovena,

Visual by Just Open Architecture


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