Varso Tower vs. Eiffel Tower!

We made this size comparison between the Varso Tower (310 m the future highest skyscraper in the EU) and the Eiffel Tower (324 m). The scale is maybe not perfect but it will give you an idea of the height of the future TOP of Warsaw.

Now in construction Varso Tower will already reach 200 m in the next week!

Varso Tower [310 m] is simply the tallest skyscraper in the EU! Scheduled for 2022, located next to the central station (Aleja Jana Pawła II), Varso tower will be dedicated to business offices but will also be open for public with commercial spaces, restaurants and will be a tourist attraction with terraces and panorama spaces. To make it simple it will be a city in the city! The Varso Tower is a huge complex with 3 skyscrapers: The highest 230 m (310 with the spire) and a 90 and 81 m towers. By HB Reavis Poland Total surface: 140000 m2 Total office surface: 63800 m2 Total commercial surface: 4200 m2 Budget: 500 million euros.

At the top of the Varso Tower in construction by Do M – YouTube

More articles about Varso Tower

Official website:


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