Coronavirus – reports a very bad situation in Warsaw with crowd in public transports “Nobody follows the rules anymore”.

With the second stage of lifting the coronavirus restrictions, reported many coronavirus sanitary rules broken linked to the social distancing, people not wearing masks, crowded public transports…

This morning, bus stops were already crowded, the public transports limitations were not observed. The trams are sometimes full of people and the rule of 1,5 m between passengers is not respected. Despite the fact the government asked to continue the remote work many companies asked to employees to come back. One of the other factor is the bad weather today, people chose public transports instead of bikes.

Don’t forget that the virus is still active, 18 people died yesterday in Poland and 425 were contaminated! Rules must be respected if we want to fight the virus!

For Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister, the remote work must remain, work which does not require direct contact: β€œas much work as possible must be done remotely”.

Coronavirus data today, May 6th – 10:30 / 2631 confirmed cases in Mazowieckie (Warsaw) – 14 647πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± – 4655 βœ… recovered – 723 deaths/ 214 in Mazowieckie (Warsaw).

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