Today, May 2nd is the Flag Day “Dzień Flagi” 🇵🇱

On this day, Poles honor the long history of the red and white national colors and display flags outside their houses.

The date May 2nd, was not chosen by accident. The first reason was that in the times of the Communist Poland, PRL (Polish People’s Republic), the state flags were removed after May 1st, just one day before the day of the Constitution Day on May 3rd lifted by the communist authorities. The second reason was the creation of a white and red flag on May 2, 1945, on the Victory Column – Siegessäule and the Reichstag in Berlin, by Polish soldiers conquering Nazi’s Germany Capital. May 2nd is also the day of Poles abroad.

Poland is not the only country to celebrate their own flag, USA (June 14), Mexico (February 24), Argentina (June 20), Ukraine (August 24) and Lithuania (January 1) also celebrate their flags.

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