“We will not open nurseries and kindergartens in Warsaw from May 6, there will be no “defrosting”” – Rafał Trzaskowski – Warsaw President.

Rafał Trzaskowski - Warsaw President.

After the second stage of “defrosting” economy announcements by the government yesterday, Rafał Trzaskowski, the President of Warsaw announced that Warsaw will not open nurseries and kindergartens. According to him, the government, by defrosting these institutions, wants to give the signal that they can safely go to elections.

“The government announced the opening of kindergartens and nurseries today on 6 May. At the height of the epidemic, without any hard recommendation from the Minister of Health. He does it also without consulting local governments – deciding to transfer all responsibility to us” – Rafał Trzaskowski, President of Warsaw – Facebook.

 “The government is controlling the situation, gives parents the opportunity for children to leave the house for some part of the day and remain under professional care, and local governments cannot cope with it. Since children can be safely in nurseries, parents can safely go to elections” – Rafał Trzaskowski, President of Warsaw – Facebook

He complained about the decisions of the government, the obligation to wear masks 2 months after the beginning of the epidemic, the decision to close parks and open them quickly after, to close almost everything when the number of infections increased by several dozen a day and remove it when the number of cases increases by several hundred a day, that the Prime Minister, who still asked to leave your home only on absolutely necessary matters – for work, to buy food or health issues and wants to open shopping malls, hotels, kindergartens or nurseries. He also explained that he would like to allow parents to send their to kindergartens and defrost economy but for him the health and safety of the 73 000 Warsaw children, their parents and the 16 0000 kindergartens employees, nurseries and families is more important.

He sent a letter with the Union of the Polish Metropolises* to the prime minister, health and education ministers asked questions about sanitary conditions that should be provided to children.

For example, we want to know how many children and how many carers can be in the facility at the same time. We want to know who must wear masks. We want to know how the government imagines discipline in maintaining an appropriate distance between several-year-old children. We want to know how to feed babies, since according to Sanepid in the park you can’t even lift a mask to eat a banana. We expect clear decisions in the form of a regulation, not aesthetic graphics on the internet.” – Rafał Trzaskowski, President of Warsaw – Facebook

For him it is impossible to open kindergartens and nurseries just after the May 1st weekend, because after one and half month the institution will not have time to implement the sanitary recommendations, “which are not there”, and the city must provide personal protective equipment for tens of thousands of people. 

“So if you ask me – Varsovians and Varsovians – in the comments, in private messages whether nurseries and kindergartens will actually be open in Warsaw on May 6, I answer NO.” – Rafał Trzaskowski, President of Warsaw – Facebook

He noted that Warsaw is waiting for detailed explanations from the government and central sanitary services about a safe way to work in nurseries and kindergartens during the epidemic and without these details, he will not authorize the opening of those facilities. “The transfer of responsibility by the government to local governments is extremely irresponsible” – Rafał Trzaskowski, President of Warsaw – Facebook

He concluded asking the government to stop to think about short-term political gain and more about the health and lives of its citizens. And wants to work with the government to fight the epidemic, in a serious collaboration.

* Union of the Polish Metropolises

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