The city hall of Warsaw is looking for an investor for the new PAWILON EMILIA.

Project visual BBGK Architekci studio (the final version will be bigger than this version).
Project visual BBGK Architekci studio (the final version will be bigger than this version).

The new Pawilon Emilia is to be built in front of the right side of the Palace of Culture & Science (Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska Streets) and today the city hall of Warsaw announced that they were looking for an investor to built it. This project was the next step after the Museum Of Modern Art now in construction in front of the Palace of Culture and Sciences on the Marszałkowska street side.

The usable area of ​​this two-story building is to be over 6700 m2, 115 m2 dedicated to retail store, few offices – 71 m2.

A 3500 m2 underground is also expected with an exhibition space with a capacity of 500 people, an auditorium for 90 people and four workshop rooms…

The former building was located at ul. Emilii Plater 51, demolished in 2017 Pawilon Emilia also called Dom Meblowy „Emilia” was built in 1969 the “Wojewódzkiego Przedsiębiorstwa Handlu Meblami w Warszawie” Warsaw Provincial Furniture Trade Company and designed by Marian Kuźniar , Czesław Wegner and Hanna Lewicka.

Open on January 16, 1970, the building was the largest furniture outlet store in Poland. At this time, Pawilon Emilia was one of the most outstanding architectural works of the modern era in Poland.

From 2008 to 2016 the building was used by the Museum of Modern Art of Warsaw.

In December 2016, a process to enter the building in the registers of monuments was activated but definitely revoked in February 2017.

A part of the building (the roof, with the special wave design) could be used on the new project. The elements are stored under a roof on a plot at the intersection of Srebrna and Towarowa.


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