Museum of Polish History – Spring 2021

Museum of Polish History - Spring 2021
At the beginning of spring 2021 will open the Museum of Polish History (MHP). It is one of the most expensive investments for culture in Poland. The main task of the museum will be to promote the History of Poland. The total size of the 3 buildings complex project will be 44,000 m2. The permanent exhibition will take 7,000 m2 and will be carried out by MHP historians in cooperation with the (WWAA / Platige Image consortium). In addition to the exhibition space, the museum will also include educational and workshop rooms, projection rooms, conservation workshops, and warehouses. The Museum of Polish History was first presented in 2006 by the Minister of Culture Kazimierz Ujazdowski. The city hall proposed to build the museum over the Łazienkowska Route, near the Ujazdowski Castle. In 2009, the architectural design project was won by the studio Paczowski et Fritsch (Luxembourg), but the decision on financing the construction was stopped. In the spring of 2015, talks started regarding the location of the MHP in the Warsaw Citadel, near the planned new headquarters of the Polish Army Museum and the project was adopted by the government. At the beginning of 2016, director Robert Kostro and Szczepan Wroński, the president of the architectural studio WXCA, signed a contract for the implementation of the project of the headquarters of the MHP. Less than a year later, the visualizations were presented. May 15, 2018. The Budimex SA company was chosen to build the Muzeum.

Visual: wxca

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