Fabryka Norblina – 2021

Fabryka Norblina.
At the second quarter of 2021 will open a massive project called Fabryka Norblina. Started in 2008 after years of works the construction started in December 2017. Located near the center city in the Wola district (51/53 Żelazna Street). The complex will be built on the grounds of the former Norblin factory. For a total of 64000 m2, 40 000m2 will be dedicated for office purposes (+3 to +8) and 24 000 m2 for commercial and service premises, restaurants, 70 shops, a BioBazar, a cultural zone, a theater and a studio cinema (floors -1, 0, +1 and +2) in the “Norblin Street”. The Museum of the Old Norblin Factory (Metal Industry Factory) will be opened, as an integral part of the complex and one of the main attractions. The designers of the building are architects from the PRC Architekci studio, and it is an investment project Capital Park with its registered office in Warsaw. The total costs of the project are estimated at PLN 500 million.

Visuel by PRC Architekci studio


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